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Ring Lights OPT-RI Series​

Product Features:​
◆ Providing extreme bright, uniform and diffuse illumination with different ​

  emitting angles.​
◆ Profile design with expanded heating dissipation area for improving ​

Application Cases:PCB & plastic containers inspection, Electronic components inspection; OCR for integrated circuits, Microscope illumination; surface inspection​a


Ring Lights OPT-RIB Series​

Product Features:​

◆ Good directivity;lower power consumption compared with OPT RI Series;ideal for long working distance illumination applicationsA

Application Cases:PCB inspection, Electronic components inspection, IC components inspection. Plastic containers inspection​


Bar Lights OPT-LI Series​

Product Features:Suitable for special illumination requirements, can be combined flexibly​

◆ Adjustable mounting angle​
◆ Available for different colors and customized size​
Application CasesMetal surface inspection, Image scanning, Surface crack detection, LCD panel inspection​


Combined Bar Lights OPT-LIM Series​

Product Features:

● Adjustable illumination angle (0-90°)​

● Intensity of each bar light can be individually controlled.​

● Wide range of applications​

Application Cases: PCB inspection, Electronic components inspection, Inspection of solder joints, Positioning of markers, Microscope illumination, Packaging barcodes reading​

Direct Backlights OPT-FL Series​

Product Features:

◆High intensity and uniformity. Standard models uniformity >85%, customized product can reach 95%.​

◆ Maximized emitting surface for applications in constrained space.​

◆ Flexible mounting, can be installed from the front, back and side.​

Application Cases:Gauging for mechanical parts, Electronic components/IC package inspection, Film stain detection, Scratches detection on transparent objects​


Coaxial Lights OPT-CO/OPT-COR Series​

Product Features:

◆Excellent directional emitting light suitable for long work distance, ​

  enhancing the image features​
◆ The high density LED arrays and special heat dissipation design ​

  ensure the illumination intensity and long lifespan.​
◆ For surface detection of reflective workpieces, it able to highlight the unevenness of surface​
Application Cases:Scratches detection on highly reflective surfaces, Defects detection on silicon wafers, Mark positioning, Barcode reading, Laser-marked OCR codes reading, Edge positioning and gauging of workpiece, LCD glue inspection, Bump points on object surface defects detection​

Highspeed camera lights ​

Both lights are good for high speed camera, there were no visible flickers at any frame rate. ​The is QX brighter and more focused, better for smaller objects and  for higher frame rate and closed working distance,  but the OPT has bigger working area, it can be used for bigger objects. ​

AX 200, Laowa 100 mm,​

Working distance appr 800mm​

Fps 9000  ​


OPT- FLG124100

Flicker free


QX Mini​

AX 200, Laowa 100 mm,​

Working distance appr 400mm ​

Fps 36000 ​

Left side OPT-FLG124100 right side QX.


AX 200, Nikon 24-80 *35mm,​

Working distance appr 600mm ​

Fps 7200 ​

Left side OPT-FLG124100 right side QX.


AX 200, Nikon 24-80 *24mm,
Working distance appr 900mm 
Fps 9000 
Left side OPT-FLG124100 right side QX.

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